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The core value of EliubīS is service.

Every tailor-made solution for our customers is based on our meticulous service.

Each ES ice cream machine is installed by a qualified and experienced technician when it is deployed, so as to ensure that your customers can enjoy extraordinary quality ice cream now and in the future.

Only well-maintained equipment can ensure the consistent quality of each cup of ice cream. This is why your service technician will regularly and systematically inspect your equipment and clean and sterilize when it is necessary.

The innovative ice cream smart platform also has service functions. You can monitor device status and check maintenance information anytime and anywhere, to achieve predictable repair and maintenance, and to efficiently and centrally manage all ice cream machines.


In the rare cases where repairs are required, we will send technicians with specialized knowledge to the spot as soon as possible, to replace with original parts, and to make sure your equipment run again, or even replace the equipment to ensure that you can continue to serve ice cream which brings success to your business.

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